Letter to a person named A.

I have to say, that whatever I will say are my words and my words you can either ignore or believe or go to the other person and shout to me “STALKER”
He won’t read this, but I still feel to write a long writing thingy just to end up this shit and wash away everything related to him.
I hope that writing this will end up all my feelings about this person, who claims I was stalking him and send him death threats, and tried to report me to the police or wanted to contact my parents just to give them a much more bad relationship then it already was.
I don’t ask for any attention or support, but simply understanding.

Dear A.

One word to describe you: Fuck you.
Fuck your boyfriend, fuck your air headed friends, fuck your flirtatious actions, fuck your feelings you had for me. Just simply fuck you.
What the hell you’re thinking? You think i’m making up a non-existing relationship? That’s like a big misunderstanding from people themself, you can’t blame me for that.
You denied every time that you didn’t love me but what did I heard? You LIKED me.
There was never a difference between liking and loving, its basically the same as you would love or like pie.
I don’t FUCKING fake a non existing relationship, NEVER told people that. But I did told something: that you wished that you wanted to fuck me, how badly you wanted to go to france, and you probably hide this fact from your own fucking boyfriend who you “loved”
That was probably the reason you had changed to me, and yes I was more suspicious of you.
In fact I sometimes wish I never knew you.
That first time we met at the swimming pool? Oh I felt like someone was a gentleman to me. Cheek kisses and random hugging, I mean was that friendship? My friends almost though that you liked me.
And you admit that.
But my friends would say in a sense of love, you didn’t wanted to use that word. Afraid that your boyfriend would find out.
Maybe he already did, but you lied to him that you said that you rejected me.
What rejected me? 
You said something entirely different, you said that if you had no boyfriend you would fuck me, hug me for hours and such things that what a normal person wouldn’t say in a relationship.
You didn’t touched met oh no, but you ALMOST CHEATED.
And I wouldn’t forgive you for that.
Simply no sorry, but you wanted to tell my parents how sick minded I was.
First of all, my parents would never believe a sicko like you because I already told them you were a pervert to me.
You don’t like that I call you a whore, a perv, and many other stuff?
To bad A. cause insults are (painful to say) common for my hated feelings for you.
You felt sometimes that I was standoffish? Yes, I was.
Because you made me cry, tired, and sometimes I wish you could just talk normal.
But after a year that you did started to talk less pervy, I got indeed feelings.
I want to BLAME YOU for that. 
And I wasn’t the only one taking everything personal. Like that part you was misunderstanding that i didnt believe you had a dog. WHO CARES? I WAS TO MAD TO CARE ABOUT A STUPID DOG.
My life had changed …. in a good way but also in a bad way.
You destroyed my trust in people, I lost 2 of my best friends, and I sometimes think I will never find trust into anyone.
Its actually pretty that this fucking “Friendship” had ended.

I would love to tell you something that everyone needs to know: 
You’re not simply a bad guy, but just the actions you did were pretty evil and disturbing enough.
Its not like you insulted me oh don’t get me wrong (but you always get me wrong)
"No you did always get me wrong" Oh please A. your picture of your dog said enough.
You have done something that it can’t be a lawsuit like you planned to have.
You’re flirtatious, sexual frustrated (judging your tumblr pictures), and sick minded.You don’t respect 9/11 or Titanic or the MH17 rampage at all.
Thats just a handicap of yours to like rampages.
Its your hobby, your obsession.
Its sick, and oh gosh I feel me pretty rejected that I even wanted to talk to you.

Now I hope to end this letter with a another fuck you for you my dear A.

Please stop being acting like a cheater.
You are a cheater, and the worst part is that you don’t even know.
I would love that you just say sorry to me.
But it seems like you never wil.

Bye A.

P.S …. Speedos aren’t made for skinny bitches like you.


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… the belgium one was maybe the only concert that took place in some large immigrants community.
I felt scared kinda….

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